Looking for a Malta hostel? Well, we are no ordinary Malta hostel, but that’s exactly why you might love us!

If we were to tell you that by coming to this particular Malta hostel, you were going to stay with the most easy-going people, in the coolest house, on the nicest street, right in the middle of the most central town, just two minutes away from a sweet beach, would you come?

Welcome to Hostel Jones! :)

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Welcome to your Malta Hostel - Hostel Jones Sliema Malta

You are on your way to making your Malta hostel experience great. :)

We are beyond what a standard youth hostel offers: the unbeatable location, the beautiful Maltese town house that is the hostel, the creative and artistic environment, the way we regular nice guys (Trevor and Keith) deal with stuff, and the family vibe we’ve created … these things are what makes us different.

At Hostel Jones we go beyond what other hostels in Malta offer: this particular Malta hostel is a place to call home, where you become one of the Joneses. We are definitely not your ordinary youth hostel in Malta, because we do things differently, and you may like the way we think and the way we do things. We fixed up the place with our own hands, using lots of recycled materials and inviting our artist friends to put their art everywhere! We care for the environment and try to be an eco hostel as much as we can manage, though we don’t have a badge.

You will be charmed by the level of comfort and homeliness of this special Malta hostel. All our rooms (from double rooms to dorms) and common areas are really spacious and each space has an original design by a local artist.

Then whether you want to take it easy in our lounges, read a book in our shaded outdoor gardens, pop down to the beach, or head off to the clubs, it’s all within easy reach. This is the place where everything is just easy.

Anyway you look at it, you can see why Hostel Jones is the best hostel in Malta! ;) We’ll see you soon!

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Simply put, Hostel Jones is superior to other Malta hostels because of its location, quality, design and great vibe!

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Looking for a Malta hostel?
Well, we are no ordinary Malta hostel, but that's exactly why you might love us! Hostel Jones is the best because of its location, design and great vibe!