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Dive Sites in Malta

This is a good summary map of the main dive sites in Malta, Gozo and Comino! If you came to Malta to Dive these are the Top 5 Locations as recommended by your Diver friendly Malta Hostel!

(S) Comino: St.Maria Caves
(25) Gozo: Blue Hole and Azure Wind...

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Malta Hostel Life

We simply love the Hostel life in Malta! You can always find new adventures to go on and since in Malta everything is a stone throw away, you can do them all!

Malta Hostel Life in Summer


If its summer, which usually lasts from April all the ...

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How to make friends while traveling solo in Malta

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Why is the Three Trees just one?

Set right at the top of the Hostel Jones Street  ‘Three Trees’ is one of Sliema’s most known landmarks. Some say that around 50 years ago, two other ficus nitida trees stood alongside this one...

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What did you do this weekend? – Carnival in Malta


This week brings the end to a loud, brash, colorful and fun packed week of Carnival in Malta.
The official carnival takes place in Valletta with numerous extravagantly colored floats parading the streets...

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