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Looking for cheap hostels in Malta?

Of course you are! You want to stay in one of the cheap hostels in Malta so you can spend your money better enjoying your destination and travelling even further. :)

Youth hostels are popular among those who favour low cost independent travel, from budget travellers to backpackers who travel the world on a shoe string, for two reasons: they offer cheap accommodation and rich opportunities to meet great people. We know, because we’ve been there and done that. Which is why we love to have you stay with us at Hostel Jones.

Cheap hostels in Malta - Hostel Jones, Sliema, Malta

Hostel Jones is the best value option of cheap hostels in Malta

Honestly, we’ll tell you: you’ve not only found cheap, you’ve found great value for money. We have unbelievably good rates for a variety of accommodation options. From dorms to private rooms, we bet that you would be ready to pay more for what you actually get … each room and the common areas are individually designed by various local artists, the family atmosphere at this youth hostel is unique, and the location is unbeatable. We even go as far as saying we are the best hostel in Malta!

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Freebies instead of hidden fees

What’s more? We have more good news for you! Not only are we a cheap hostel in Malta that offers great value for money in terms of lodging, location and atmosphere, we actually go out of our way to give you as many freebies and perks as possible. At Hostel Jones, for the daily rate you pay for your bed, you get free access to all these things:

cheap hostels in malta - hostel jones sliema malta

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Home entertainment system (movies)
  • Books library

  • Safe deposit

  • Free lockers and storage facilities

  • Luggage storage

  • Mobile sim card

  • Disabled-friendly
  • 24-hour hostel access (no pesky curfews)

We understand that one of the things you, the low-cost traveller, do not want to have to worry about, is hidden charges. So now you can forget about that.

We work with integrity

At the end of the day, we are two honest, hard-working guys who are keen to run Hostel Jones with fair and sustainable business practices. Trust and respect are what we live by, and you can feel safe here to never be cheated – what you see is what you get, and we like saying what we mean. After all, you are treated as one of the family.