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Did you know that diving in Malta is one of the best in the world?

Diving in Malta - Hostel Jones, Sliema, MaltaDiving in Malta has earned a reputation across the globe, and with good reason. Discover why Malta is an award winning diving destination.

There’s lots to explore

Malta and Gozo are a veritable dive haven with everything a diver could hope for: different levels of dives across wrecks, caves, reefs, unique geological features and night dives. There are more than seventy commercially known dive sites around the island so every diver is spoilt for choice!

It’s clear and comfortable

Malta’s waters are calm, warm (except for the coldest of winter) with year round awesome visibility.

It’s safe

There’s nothing out there that wants to eat you or sting you to death! Dive Safety is at an extremely high standard, sea conditions are rarely hazardous and a local hyperbaric chamber is close at hand in case something goes wrong.

It’s educational

The rich history of the our island is sprinkled with war and conquest. World War 2 in particular has contributed to an unusual heritage of historic wrecks, ranging from submarines to destroyers, and bombers to passenger ferries.

It’s marvellous

Malta’s rock is limestone. When the power of Mother Nature takes water on a canvas of limestone, art happens. The result is a coastline rich with caves of all shapes and sizes that offer incredible dive experiences.

It’s inexpensive

Diving on the island is comparatively inexpensive compared to other countries. Even more so when you book your hostel and dives as a package.

We love to dive and can help sort you out

We Joneses are avid divers ourselves, so we’re in a position to offer our resident divers some extra benefits, such as:

• Discounted dive rates.
• A secure area with facilities to wash and hang your gear.
• Unlimited dive advice.
• Countless diving stories.
• Booking of transport for dives.
• Discounts on dive equipment.

Contact us for more details.

Diving in Malta - Hostel Jones, Sliema, Malta