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Looking for a place where you can enjoy healthy eating in Malta?

People today are making conscious choices to eat healthy food. Better access to a wider pool of information means that even the average person is now more aware of the great benefits of eating healthy food and adopting healthy eating habits. Healthy eating is easy when you are cooking meals for yourself at home, but what about when you are travelling or on the go? Discover the easy solution for healthy eating in Malta.

Enjoy healthy eating in Malta at PURE | Hostel Jones

Enjoy delicious healthy food in Malta at PURE

PURE was born in response to a clear need for easy, on the go, healthy foods and drinks. Raw, natural, local and organic good food is what you can expect to find at the PURE outlets, which are owned and run by Hostel Jones’s Trevor and his lovely lady, Debbie.

To create our juices and foods we use pure, natural and local produce – preferably organic! Getting organic and keeping it affordable is a challenge in Malta – so it’s a good thing we like challenges. We do not use any sugar, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals or any other additives. We like to call our products: PURE Products.
PURE fresh juices and healthy food | Hostel Jones

PURE is not merely a brand name for a range of products; it represents a lifestyle where good, healthy food takes a priority. PURE is committed to promote healthy eating in Malta.

We are what we eat, then the fresh juices and ready meals prepared in the name of PURE go back to the fundamentals of nutrition, with a great taste to satisfy the needs of your taste buds as well as the needs of your body and mind. PURE foods and juices are bursting with healthy yumminess and provide you with a high energy boost just when you need it.

What’s more, both PURE outlets are within walking distance from Hostel Jones. Discover them here and visit when you can to gain the PURE experience. At reasonable prices and great value for money, you may quickly discover that PURE has become your favourite choice for meals and snacks. Stay at Hostel Jones and enjoy healthy food in Malta at PURE.

PURE Living

Triq Windsor, Sliema

Healthy Eating in Malta - Pure Living | Hostel Jones

Located literally around the corner from Hostel Jones, Pure Living is a great option for delicious and healthy food, whether you prefer to eat-in or take-out. It is also a community space for sharing tips about healthy living, with various workshops and classes, such as yoga, being held regularly. Check in with us to find out what’s raw and what’s cooking.

PURE Juice and Health Bar

High Street, Sliema

Healthy Eating in Malta - Pure Juice and Health Bar | Hostel Jones

Pure Juice and Health Bar is the humble but awesome beginnings of PURE. Located only a little further along the coast, in the direction of Valletta, this is where we began our production of raw cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw desserts, nut milks and healthy food. We also support brands that offer genuine, natural and quality health food products and other initiatives that promote healthy eating in Malta.

The PURE Juice Cleanse

At PURE, we have invested a lot of time in learning about nutrition and the optimal combinations and preparation of ingredients. Knowing that you want to take care of your health but may find time to be an obstacle, we are also here to help you do a juice cleanse. Starting every Monday, allow PURE to start you off on a life of pure living and healthy eating in Malta.