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Malta backpacking is the low cost solution to an exotic Mediterranean island

Malta backpacking is both exciting and varied as it is easy and affordable. As a backpacker, you know it takes actually very little to satisfy your basic needs, and tend to find more value in the things that actually cost very little.

The island may be small, but it is rich and varied in its activities. While the island attracts its share of five star tourists, they hang out where five star tourists go and you may never even meet them. Meanwhile, the island is becoming more and more popular with independent travellers, some of whom like it so much they decide to stay a while.

Life here is easy, Malta weather is fantastic, nothing is ever too far away, there is a variety of things to do for every budget, and everybody speaks English. No wonder Malta is becoming a return destination to many travellers and home to more and more foreigners, while still retaining its own particular character. Sweet.

So, if Malta backpacking is next on your bucket list, here’s a little low down on the essentials:

Malta backpacking - Hostel Jones, Sliema, Malta

A backpack

If one is a traveller at heart, even a plastic bag could do, but for most long-term travellers, their trusty backpack is the equivalent of their home. All their possessions find a space to live inside this magical bag that seems to always have space for that one more thing. And yet, when it’s on your back, you’re hands-free and can even run to catch a bus! This must be the most basic essential of backpacking.

Malta backpacking - Hostel Jones, Sliema, MaltaA method of transport

The most basic means of transport you have is your feet, and backpackers know they get to use them a lot. Hitch hiking is not the norm in Malta, but easier in Gozo. Next in line are probably the bus, the train (of which there are none in Malta), and the plane (which you are likely to catch to come to Malta, since it’s an island), unless you are near a port and can sail away. Malta is reachable by air or by sea, with a regular catamaran connecting to Sicily.

Malta backpacking - Hostel Jones, Sliema, Malta
Inexpensive quality lodging

You may love to sleep in your hammock hanging between two trees, or under the stars on the beach, or in your lightweight tent (1.2 kg ones are easy to find and affordable, remember you must carry it). Camping in Malta is an option in many beautiful places in nature, outside official camping grounds, however permits may be necessary while it is prohibited in some areas. Check your status before you pitch.

Malta backpacking - Hostel Jones, Sliema, MaltaHostel Jones in Malta

While that is all wonderful, we do not need to rough it, and sometimes nothing beats a warm shower, a safe room, cosy bedding, and a sofa to lounge on while watching a movie or playing some game with fellow travellers. And that’s where we come in. Some things change, but Hostel Jones hasn’t – it’s the place that makes Malta backpacking better. The same great atmosphere is always here to welcome the traveller, and you will always find friends here.

Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J. R. R. Tolkien