Malta Hostel Life

We simply love the Hostel life in Malta! You can always find new adventures to go on and since in Malta everything is a stone throw away, you can do them all!

Malta Hostel Life in Summer


If its summer, which usually lasts from April all the way through till the end of September then you’re going to want to be by the sea. The sea in Malta is beautiful, there are heaps of rocky as well as sandy beaches to enjoy. Beach life is the good life. Laze on the sand, snorkel in crystal clear water, go for a dive, enjoy some watersports, drink some bears in the sun and much more. The staff at the hostel as well as the guests are always trading stories and you’ll easily get to know where the hidden or ‘insider’ spots are!

During the hot summer months, ‘life’ starts after 8pm in Malta. You can take it easy at the hostel and enjoy a few beers with friends or watch a film or something. However, if you’d like to get out for some life you can go to some really special places. Explore our old cities and discover the ample Maltese history, local bars and incredible view spots. Want a chilled one then take a bottle of wine and some good company and go drink on a beach in the moonlight. Want to party? You’re in luck! The mecca of Maltese partying and clubbing is Paceville and thats a lovely 15 minutes walk by-the-sea away from the hostel. Clubs, pubs, bars, nightclubs, disco’s, bowling alleys , cinemas, restaurants and more. What ever your tastes are you’ll find what you’re looking for there! Have fun, but don’t wake up the other guests when you come back to the hostel.

Malta Hostel Life in Winter


Day life
Winter weather in Malta is kind! It does not get too cold, even on the coldest of winter nights it doesn’t ever even get close to freezing. During the day its great to go out and explore summer markets, cultural and historic spots. Don’t feel like people ? The you can go enjoy some lovely walks in the countryside or a beach. Want to laze at the hostel? You can spend the whole day inside, if you want too. Grab a book, play a movie or some Xbox.Challenge your friends to a board game or cook yourself a juicy meal. The choice is yours.

Life goes on in Malta during the winter months. The partying is as good as it is in summer, the nights go on until the early hours of the morning! Public transport is cheap in Malta so its easy to get around. Winter is a great time to enjoy cultural activities too. There are plays, shows and activities nearly every weekend. During winter its easy to take the nights relaxed at the hostel. There is always a good movie to watch or a quiet spot where you can enjoy doing nothing. Our guests as well as ourselves usually end up cooking and eating together, sharing recipes and traditional foods from around the world.

So if you’re staying with us at the hostel and you need some inspiration or advice on where to go or what to do, just ask us we’ll be more than happy to help you.


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