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We are inspired to be an eco hostel in Malta that cares for the environment

Eco hostel cares for our Environment - Hostel Jones, Sliema, MaltaWhat does it mean to be an eco hostel? To us, it is not about certification (although that is a pretty cool badge that we may try to earn one day). To us, being eco-friendly is not an option, it is our responsibility, and we are keen to do our bit to care for the world. At Jones Hostel we believe that we all need to work together for a sustainable future, driven by love, empathy and social responsibility.

We began by building the hostel largely from recycled materials. This approach was a wonderfully challenging opportunity to make something beautiful out of somebody else’s rubbish, and we went all out to be as clever, creative and artistic as possible in the process. You’ll see!

Balancing our carbon footprint is a key focus in the daily running of the hostel. We collect and use well water, use solar energy to provide water heating, and movement sensors activate LED lighting in common areas.

Furthermore we also encourage use of natural soaps and recycle waste as possible.

We also support national NGOs which are promoting a better lifestyle; they are our partners and friends. We sponsor and volunteer in various social projects, and our guests have access to a variety of free events which promote a holistic approach to life and sustainability; if this is your thing, ask us for more information.

Thanks for joining us in our mission to help keep life on our planet healthy and beautiful.