Some People Believe That You Can’t Travel Back In Time!

Some people believe you can’t travel back in time!

I challenge this! And you will too, once you see for yourself.


A trip to Valletta will prove it, and as a UNESCO World Heritage site, they must tend to agree. Upon entering the main gate, you immediately feel like you’re no longer really in 2014 (save for the modern-day grease traps such as Burger Kind and McDonald’s, which you should steer clear of because you’ll miss the amazing little holes that house typical Maltese food and delicacies).

Head towards the Upper barracks (‘barrakka’, in Maltese), which is as beautiful by day as it is by night. The view of the ‘Three Cities’ (as they are known locally) is captured in one picture perfect view. It is definitely a trigger-happy person’s photographic dream (being an amateur photographer myself). The view has been the backdrop to many great movies, such as World War Z. The Lower barracks (on the opposite side of Valletta) stands in stark contrast. It is the futuristic side of the island, that which seems to have moved on with modern day architecture and concrete structures The coastline is dotted with apartment buildings and blocks of hotels, however, it gives you a real-life ‘then’ and ‘now’ feel. In fact, try taking a photo of both the Upper and Lower barracks, and try tell your mates they’re within 5 minutes of each other. They wouldn’t believe you.

Go on, try it out :)

After strolling around the bastions, take a walk through the main street, and if you’re feeling adventurous, I would suggest getting ‘lost’ in time and taking a gander at the amazing architecture that this city houses. St. John’s Cathedral is where everyone flocks to see primarily, and yes, it is certainly quite a site, an architectural wonder. After all, it’s one of the nicest churches in Europe. No high heels are allowed, so leave your stilettos at home ladies, and men, take sleeves .



If you don’t have much time, I’d suggest taking in an audio-visual show, The Malta Experience, The Great Siege of Malta: 1565 or Valletta: Living History, which are pretty much crash-courses about the history of the Capital. The Grandmaster’s Palace overlooks a really pretty piazza, where you can sit and people-watch. Just off this piazza is an up and coming side street, called ‘Strait Street’. Over the past few years, this has grown to be a major a little hub, and I would suggest a visit to ‘StrEat, Whiskey Bar’ with live music on Friday nights. Of course, you don’t have to have whiskey if you’re not a fan like myself, but sip on some Maltese wine instead J and nibble on the local ‘galletti’ (water-biscuits) and home-made ‘bigilla’ (bean dip) – it tastes better than it sounds, trust me ! You could also head to the sea-side (the city is built on a peninsula surrounded by the sea), and Cockney’s provides a pretty little terrace and some amazing local fish!


Shops dot the streets, so if you fancy some shopping, there’s plenty where to spend your hard-earned money on! It is certainly an atmosphere you won’t forget, and before visiting, check if there are any street festivals going on, because it is an unbeatable atmosphere! Click here for information regarding events in Malta.


I could potentially ramble on and on about this city, but it wouldn’t be fair to spoil the surprises you’ll discover for yourselves. So I suggest you put your walking shoes on, grab your camera, and off you go (take me with you, please! :)… You don’t need much else to enjoy the buzz that Valletta provides, and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed! :)

By: Tara Jones Brownrigg

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