The Bathrooms


A salty swim in the Mediterranean will always ask for a lukewarm shower, and what better place to take it than in a comfy shower room at Hostel Jones. All four communal toilets available at our facility are equipped with a lavatory, sink and a shower. Our fifth toilet, and only exception within the Hostel, is in our Lovers private suite, here with the walls paved with the original old tiles, our lovebirds have the luxury of choosing whether they’d prefer to have a quick shower or a nice long bath, depending on their mood.

For our communal showers, we chose a slightly more modern approach and we have kept their walls free from the awe-inspiring colors that adorn the rest of the interiors, so as to help you concentrate on your personal pursuit while being in there. That does not mean that you are not free to take your time, you most certainly can, as long as you are mindful of your water consumption. Even at full capacity you can easily find one of the bathrooms free for use.

We take great care of our customers and we always make sure that you have the best conditions available, with solar powered hot water. More than that, our hostel staff clean these facilities at least three times a day,

The restroom located on the first level presents easy access and has been designed to also  accommodate people with disabilities. It is quite spacious, very well lit, and as with the rest of the bathrooms in the hostel, the motion sensor light will easily guide your whirling steps after a hazy night in Paceville.

Sliema tends to be rather hot and humid for most of the year.A stroll on the waterfront will leave you feeling sticky, although with a great tan for you to display in the coming weeks. That is the perfect time for you to retreat to one of the two bathrooms located on the first floor. Their shadowy nature and the flowery curtains will prove to be a great shelter from the sun while the fresh water drains the sweat away, but thankfully not the tan.


If staying in shape is what you plan on doing while traveling in Malta, than we recommend our bathroom located on the top floor of the hostel. You only need to take two flights of steps before you reach it, but your leg muscles will be grateful after that. Far from the noisy street and the blue enchanting sea, you will find a haven and intimacy of the highest level.

As it is the case with all of our light-hearted travelers, we take great pride in offering our guests the freedom of control and improvement. That is why there’s always a bucket and a mop for you to do your bit and keep them tidy for the Jones going in after you ;)

Fresh ideas and suggestions are what makes Hostel Jones a better place. So feel free to add your own, we promise that we will put them to good use and not just leave them go down the drain.

Clean, Chic, Brand New. Personal bathrooms on every floor, our bathrooms are Eco friendly too! All water is solar heated LEDs light the way and the wooden ceilings are all made from recycled materials! There are 5 bathrooms at Hostel Jones, Each bathroom is private and encompasses a shower, sink and toilet giving you a measure of privacy!



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