The Garden Area


Take a seat in the shade of our huge orange tree, in the company of our resident Buddha. Here is the perfect spot to catch up with life and what’s going on at the Hostel, you will find that this is where most of the action happens!

Our ground floor, primary Summer, chillout spot at the Hostel, come have a beer with your friends or eat your meal outdoors.This is where we all hang out and where we hold our traditional Maltese meals from time to time, which all of the residing Joneses will be invited to join in the fun.

Inspired from our own travels around the world, all the furniture was created out of recycled wood, the seating area and two of the tables were built totally from scratch by yours truly.

The seating area at the back of the garden is sometimes used as a stage for events that we sometimes host. It is the perfect setting for a lazy breakfast in the mornings, sipping on one of our freshly homemade smoothies before heading off on the day’s adventures.

Or perhaps, if you have a hankering for learning new things you could always spend a day or three, sitting under our fast growing banana tree and take up the ukulele or didgeridoo if you think you have the lungs for it!! [A didgeridoo and ukulele are, of course, provided by the establishment for practice purposes]


Even out here, in our corner of nature, you will find works of art! Keith and Trevor’s massive and colourful mosaic decorates one of the walls, from seashells to mirrors the entire piece was created using only things that were found or were rescued from the depths of our friends’ garages.
Feast your eyes upon Sofles’ gorgeous multidimensional mural from Sliema Street Art Festival 2013. This 4 meters squared piece, emits such an inviting array of colour that it makes you want to jump into the picture.

Sofles is an Australian born artist and possibly one of the pioneers in the graffiti world today.

His work is proof that graffiti is, unquestionably, yet another magnificent form of art.

It sincerely is a great privilege to home such a captivating example of his work.

You can check out more on his webside

 Our beloved garden is the place to go during the intervals of everyday life, to experience the changing of the seasons,  the colours of the clouds in Spring  as they pass overhead or the clear Summer skies while the sun sets beyond the horizon.Enjoy the early Autumn drizzles while sitting under the growing trees as the oranges change colour as they slowly start to ripen. Stand in the doorway and watch the Winter rains pour, our little garden has a special place in the hearts of many who walk through its doors.

[A quick word of advice:- As this is an outside area, we are often visited by an unwanted guest- The Mosquito. While we do what we can to keep their numbers to a minimum at the Hostel, they are found all over the island, so if you are prone to being attacked by them please bring something to keep those little bastards at bay. Thank you for your understanding.]


For your comfort

  • Shaded chill out zone
  • Outdoor eating area

For your joy

  • Wifi Access
  • Candle lit Mosaic

For your confidence

  • Alarms – Audible

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