The Guardians



Sleep safe, the Guardians are watching There aren’t many places where you can take a nap and feel as protected as you do in the Guardians Room of the Hostel Jones.

After a long day of traveling through sunny-spoiled Malta, you will need a good and undisturbed sleep in an enjoyable and cozy setting. There is such a place, where the busy markets and the traffic madness are well kept at bay, and this is the first room to the right on the first floor of the hostel.

Here, you are safely guided to sleep by the dark-blue painted walls, which mimic the peaceful mood of a cool summer evening. The enigmatic figures on the walls patiently wait for nightfall, and their costumes made of animal skulls and burgundy robes send you back to mythical times. This fantastic scenery is the work of renowned artist, Nel Pace, and it has always left the guests in awe and admiration.

Opposite to the Guards are two tall windows, which face the small square in front of the hostel. They are both equipped with blinds, perfect for keeping out the morning light after a long night of partying.

The eight beds available in the room are not only pleasant havens for your rest, but also a great resource of potentially new friends. Whether they are in for two weeks or just a one-night stop, the travelers who choose this room find it very easy to mingle and chat with each other. Many friendships have been formed here and most of them have survived the departure of this beautiful island.

There are eight lockers available in the room, each one assigned to the corresponding bed number. You can safely leave your belongings here, while you take a nice trip to the beach. The imposing, vintage armoire will hold your clothes unwrinkled and well aired for your evening feasts.

So, when the evening sets in and the last amber reflections of stone-walled Malta slowly leave the room, salute the Guards and take your much needed rest. They will still be there, watching over you, when the morning comes.


For your comfort

  • Working Table and Chairs
  • Non-Smoking
  • Spacious Room

For your joy

  • Comfy Hammock
  • Wifi Access
  • Sunlit Balcony

For your confidence

  • Alarms – Audible
  • Private Lockers
  • Sunlit Balcony


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