The Hostel Kitchen


It is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home, made for bringing the family together,and the heart of our hostel beats with that very same rhythm.

A scrumptiously fresh and healthy, delectable breakfast can be lovingly prepared by one of the Joneses for . But of course, during your time here with us you are respected as a brother or a sister Jones so you have full access to a modestly equipped kitchen.

Every Jones participates in a harmonious middle-of-the-road understanding, where we, naturally, provide the utensils and appliances within reason and all you need to do is get the ingredients.

By happy chance, there are a couple of fruit and vegetable vendors right outside the Hostel and quite a few grocery stores and supermarkets near by, so you can get seasonal fresh local fruit quite easily.
You could potentially do like the locals do and pick a  fish from the ‘fish guy’ who occasionally passes by in his truck every now and then.  You’ll know it’s him when you hear him baiting the locals with the names of his fresh catch of seasonal fish, into his megaphone ,as he’s driving by and stopping for whoever signals him to come over.


As for where to keep all of this wonderful fresh food that you have bought, well dear friends, fret not – We have a box with your name on it and a space waiting for you in our industrial sized fridge.
Accessible 24/7, there’s some sort of hustle and bustle going on at most meal times, though one can always find time for a quiet cup of tea, or whatever floats your boat, in the interim.

Speaking of boats – how many people can truthfully say they’ve stayed at a place that has an orange kayak, along with paddle, perched above the kitchen window?

Now you see, that’s a conversation starter right there ;) Though please don’t take our word for it, come and check it out for yourselves!

It goes without saying that ‘the heart of the hostel’ isn’t solely functional. In the very centre of the room our dining table stands proudly featuring a graphic novel montage, put together by Keith and Trevor, in a colourful and striking tribute to the life and death of Kurt Cobain.
A whiteboard of rather large proportions hangs on the left,silently begging you to doodle on it and make your mark.The walls themselves are laced with a mosaic, each piece placed with care by Steffe in her first humble attempt at making a mosaic of its size, using tiles of all shapes and sizes donated by friends, and friends of friends ( of friends etc ) as is customary on our island.

Our kitchen guidelines are quite simple:

1.If you spill it, wipe it

2.If you dirty it, clean it

3.If you open it, close it

4. If you use it, put it away

5. If you turn it on, turn it off

and optionally: If you cook it, share it!


You have access to an equipped kitchen while you’re here with us. We provide all the equipment (within reason:) ) all you need to do is get the ingredients. Just outside the hostel we have a fresh fruit and vegetable vendor, so you can eat fresh, local and healthy produce easily, Or you can do just do what Keith does and get lazy tasty food delivered to you from a restaurant just minutes away.


For your comfort

  • Ample seating area
  • All the pots and pans you need
  • Cutlery, crockery
  • Microwave
  • Large Oven
  • Communal Fridge and Freezer

For your joy

  • Kettle for your tea and coffee
  • Cookbooks with local recipes
  • Local fresh produce nearby
  • Various eating areas
  • Regular organized meals

For your confidence

  • Alarms – Audible
  • Clean Facilities
  • Fire safety equipment

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