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We don’t care to “keep up with the Joneses” … we are our own breed of Joneses!

Jones and the Joneses - Hostel Jones Sliema Malta

The Joneses Story - Hostel Jones, Sliema, Malta

We are the Joneses

Jones is a frame of mind and a way of life. A Jones knows how to live life to the full and recognises that same great quality in others. You can always trust a fellow Jones.

Many Joneses are avid travellers, being playful and curious to explore and adventure, and we believe that everyone has a bit of Jones in them.

The Joneses emerged in 2001, when the energy and fullness of the first self-proclaimed Joneses began attracting the attention of all those around them and the nickname spread like wild-fire, with each Jones calling their like-minded friends Jones.

Years later, the significance of Jones it still very much alive. Our style of doing things is still just as far out, and we look forward to welcoming you too to form part of the Joneses.

Hostel Jones

Hostel Jones wasn’t created by a massive corporation or group of companies. We are Trevor and Keith, two semi-regular, all-round nice guys (we are Joneses, after all), who had the vision of Hostel Jones … the resting place of travelling Joneses.

So we came to be the owners of Hostel Jones, but it was no easy task. It took a year-and-a-half just to find the right property, then another year-and-a-half to develop it into the home we all love. The process was extreeeeeemely hard work, but we enjoyed every moment and it was totally worth the effort because we know you’ll love it too!