The Library


Right in the centre of the house, here you will find a quiet zone, as tranquil as the waters hinted at subtly in its name, this room perfect for those who want to get even further away from the outside world. Pick a book from our collection downstairs and head up to The Fish Room, or choose from one of the classics displayed on our shelves inside. Alongside these great novels, we also have a smart little collection of English grammar books for you to use whilst in the room if it tickles your fancy. There’s been many a Jones  wanting to better their language skills, be it student or backpacker, that found solace within these walls.

An oasis of peace, in an oasis of peace, there aren’t any Tv’s nor any radios, only the pictures all along the walls and the stories written on the pages of the books, new and old, surround you.
Walk into the room and listen out for the soothing sounds of the Hostel Aquarium. Our fishy friends spending all their days swimming away in their tank filled with treasures of all sorts, and we really do mean ‘all sorts’, will never leave you lacking company!
Laze away in the hanging chair or sit back and take it easy on our comfy Big Boy Couch and put your feet up on our Big Boy Coffee Table, both of which are from our series of upcycled furniture. The couch is set on pallets which we collected from a number of sources, since Malta doesn’t have an abundance of forests wood is considered a precious commodity, this way we are able to give form and function to what may otherwise be simply discarded and left to rot after having fulfilled its initial purpose. We, however, value wood as much as gold and with love, time and the sweat on our backs we put this couch together for your seating pleasure.
In keeping with the spirit of the house, the particular table in this room gives a new life to an old truck tyre that we just happened to find lying around… in a field.. somewhere obscure..??

Let your eyes wander along the lines and waves of blue, lovingly drawn by Dimity Davis, and the other works that fill the room, including a piece rescued from abandonment after the end of Sliema Street Art Fest 2013. This treasured quarter of a massive four panel painting by Mr Dheo and TELMO MIEL made its way into our hands and, as fortune has it, there has never a more appropriate piece of art to be displayed in this room. .

You’re more than welcome to take your laptop, ipod, or any technological device of your choosing. Most people find that it makes a great spot to do  some work, study, or focus on some novel ideas.
We humbly ask you to be mindful of the fact that this is our quiet room, so please remember to take your headphones with you :)

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