The Lounge

lounge feature

Enter the first part of our ground floor common areas, let yourself sink into one of our bean bags  or lounge on the leather sofa, and for those of you who are here on holiday, well… just take it easy!
Rain, or shine, for work and mostly during the wetter months for play, this is where we like to gather.

With comfy seating, plenty of electrical sockets and a quiet afternoon you have the perfect setting for those who need to get some work done, and you’ll often find yourself in the company of other like minded individuals.
And what home would be a home without an easily accessible place for books? There’s bound to be one that catches your eye at some point during your stay from ever changing collection of books waiting for you in our mini library right under our big TV with full HD Cable access. There’s something here for everyone, which is especially great news for those of us who like to keep up to date with sports and don’t always fancy going all the way to the pub whilst travelling.


For the more sociable among us who’re wondering about what to do when there’s a storm happening outside, take look at our cleverly placed compartments, inside our two part coffee table on wheels, a fine example of our DIY upcycled pallet furniture, and you will find a homely variety of games, from chess to monopoly. They’re there to pick, choose and use at your leisure.

Believe us when we tell you that blood, sweat and tears went into the preparation of this room.

It took Trevor and Keith three whole weeks to scrape every little teensy tiny weeny bit of paint off of the walls in this room to reveal the bare, natural, Maltese limestone.

The two side tables on either side of the sofa are more examples of innovative upcycling, as the nature of a pallet transforms itself easily into a sturdy table and simultaneously into a stack of compact shelves, which is excellent for keeping personal items near by but out of sight!
A large trunk of driftwood that we found laying on the beach one winter, adorned with African masks and other knick knacks that we’ve collected over the years and a kaleidoscope of butterflies fill the wall around the archway. This is where we also display another painting from our collection depicting a warm silhouette of whimsical and quaint flower by local artist Yasmin Modi.
Part of a massive old cable reel, painted by Tara Brownrig is embellished with a heartwarming message visible for all to see before you even walk into the room.
If anyone has their own message or quote they’d like to pass on, our magnificent Doodle Glass awaits your
The keen observer will also notice Trevor’s personal collection of different types of beer bottles placed on the shelves, proudly displaying their own colours adding their vibe.

Probably one of the most remarkable things about this room is that it is a superb example of finding beauty in everyday objects and by far the best place in the hostel to chill with many or quietly do your own thing while still in good company.


For your comfort

  • Comfy sofa
  • Bean Bags
  • Non -Smoking
  • Spacious open area

For your joy

  • Big TV
  • Games
  • Wifi Access
  • Books and Movies
  • Board Games
  • HD Cable TV

For your confidence

  • Alarms – Audible


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