The MushRoom


This small, cosy little room is by far our most private dorm. The MushRoom sleeps three, with the possibility for a fourth, and is the only room situated on the second floor, making it the furthest you can get  from the daily hubbub that naturally occurs when people gather in the communal areas .
Ideal for small bands of friends, families or even the lone travellers who find solace in solitude, all who stay in this room are in for a treat.

Its three windows let in an abundance of sunlight and glorious fresh air,  and with two of them overlooking our chillout area on the roof it makes it practically effortless for you to simply pop outside whenever you please for a peaceful moment to gaze at the stars, or watch the clouds pass by as you soak up the sun.
The artwork within the room itself is far out. Created by budding local artist Steffe, the shrooms that sprout all around the room are an assemblage of thoughts, ideas and patterns birthed from her mini collection of ink drawings titled ‘’Sporadic Expressions’’.

This delightfully colourful mural took two months to complete and is the telling of a story within the constraints of a form we are all familiar with, the namesake of the room itself: The Mushroom.

Each shroom has its own character and range of hues, calling on inspiration and influences from various cultures,subcultures and schools of thought.They are all packed with their own intricate details and the occasional one also with hidden symbols, interwoven into the design.
Even after you hit the lights and snuggle into bed, sporadically placed glow in the dark mushrooms slowly fade into the darkness as they usher you into dream land.
It is a playfully psychedelic tale of our personal quests towards understanding, of any subject, as it asks the observer to give it their individual interpretation and fill in the the blanks with their own musings, be they lighthearted or profound.
Take the time to let your eyes and mind sink into this labyrinth of meaning and come out of it with perhaps little more understanding of the inner workings of your own mind.

Oddly enough, Steffe happens to be a bit of a luddite, so she hasn’t got a website or even a page to follow her work on facebook.
It’s probably time she caught up with the 21st century, until then you’ll just need to check out her work in person at the hostel.


For your comfort

  • Cozy room
  • 3 person room
  • Desk and Chairs
  • Non-Smoking

For your joy

  • Wifi Internet Access

For your confidence

  • Safety Alarms – Audible

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