The Speech


This glorious, spacious, light filled room is the more private dorm room from the two found on the ground floor.

In step with traditional townhouses it has a high ceiling  and a large window overlooking the street letting in natural sunlight to brighten the room during the day. From the facade of the house you can see the original picturesque curvilinear wrought iron bars that protect from prying hands, making it safe safe to leave your personal belongings in the room while you go off on your adventures for the day.

This dorm comes with two sets of bunk beds and a large personal locker for each guest for the safekeeping of more precious personal items, making it ideal for small bands of friends travelling together.

Due to its proximity to the main street it enables our early morning risers to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Sliema life which on most days begins at about 7am.

Moreover, it is easily accessible for those recovering from injuries and who wish to avoid having to go up and down many steps, and also comfortable enough to allow those in wheelchairs to come and go from the room with ease.


Easily one of our favourites, the room was designed by Nel Pace, also known on the interwebs as Widd3rshins. She is a brilliant local artist, whose works include illustrations, murals, concept art and production design.

An unimaginable amount of detail and dedication went into the artwork in this room, taking a total of 3 months to complete, it is a graphical rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in the film The Great Dictator and the speech itself has been coined as ‘The Greatest Speech Ever Made.’
Let yourself take it all in and embrace the power, weight and magnitude of the words  so sagely illustrated. Starting from the first heartfelt words ‘’I’m sorry’’ and ending in the last triumphant declaration of ‘’Let us all unite!’’

Beginning at the centre of a fibonacci spiral that envelops the room, each line is drawn meticulously, telling a story that speaks for the hearts of most of humankind.

The result is a moving expression that can leave you breathless, and every time you let your gaze wander back to the mural you are bound to have your eye catch another precisely placed detail that gives the whole piece new life and added meaning.

You can follow Nel on Tumblr or check out her personal art/sketch blog on

For your comfort

  • Ground floor room
  • Disabled Access
  • Parquet Flooring
  • Non-Smoking

For your joy

  • Wifi Access
  • Table area
  • Spacious Room
  • Storage Facilities

For your confidence

  • Fire Alarm

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