The Tree

The Tree Room at Hostel Jones

A large spacious room with three bunk beds that sleep up to six people. This room was painted by another local artist Yasmin Modi. Situated on the ground floor The Tree has traditional Maltese flooring and is very spacious in fact it is the second largest room in the hostel. The room has a window onto the facade of the hostel and gets lots of natural light during the day. The art is distinct, simple and beautiful.

Just as the tree of life is a metaphor for the interconnection of all life and knowledge on our planet, the Tree Room of Hostel Jones is a symbol of sharing ideas and experiences between the guests. A good night’s sleep is also guaranteed, of course.

When you choose to rent a bed in a hostel, you want to have more than just a place to rest your head. You want a place that challenges you to discover new cultures and traveling know-how with other people. Sharing your adventures could not be easier than in the Tree Room, where the loose setting is a direct invitation for this.

The six comfortable, amber beds contrast with the white walls and the dark trees that spread their branches towards the high ceiling. The guests that chose this dormitory enjoy a great amount of space in the room, perfect for interacting in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. This is also helped by the centre- placed room where you can enjoy a drink over a game of cards.

Located on the ground floor of the hostel, The Tree Room gives a beautiful view of the square outside. As a guest here, you have easy access to the living room and the kitchen. The hostel reception is also very close to the dormitory. Here, you can get precious information on the best places to visit in Malta. You can safely go on your daily journeys and leave your personal belongings in the individual lockers that are available in the room.

The Tree Room invites you to add a leaf of knowledge to its collection, giving you in exchange a branch full of new and exciting ideas guaranteed to improve your Maltese experience and all your future travels, as well.


For your comfort

  • Non-Smoking
  • Spacious 6 person Room
  • Ground floor easy access

For your joy

  • Spacious
  • Well Lit
  • High Speed Internet Access

For your confidence

  • Safety Alarms – Audible
  • Lockers


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