What did you do this weekend? – Carnival in Malta


This week brings the end to a loud, brash, colorful and fun packed week of Carnival in Malta.
The official carnival takes place in Valletta with numerous extravagantly colored floats parading the streets. Dressed up children, street stalls with the famous ‘Prinjolata sweets and loud music makes this event a must- see.

For those who are up for some adventure and would like to have a taste of the more ´adult´ version of the Valletta Carnival, should head up to Gozo. In the village of Nadur you will find the big, unrestrained beast of a carnival that will allow you to let your hair down and go crazy.

You will find the funniest costumes and most people wearing masks which makes it somewhat anonymous and contributes towards some extra crazyness.

Carnival in Nadur happens every year and is a five-night event that finishes on Shrove Tuesday. Hundreds of people gather together to roam the streets enjoying loud music, tradition Maltese bands, tasty foods and numerous of drinks. Make sure to be part of the party next year ;)

By Debbie Jones Kooy :)


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