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Youth Hostel Malta?

You type “youth hostel Malta” on Google and the next thing you know there is an endless list of youth hostels to go through. It feels like it may take forever … and when you’re done, how do you know you picked the right one? With so many youth hostels in Malta, how do you decide where to stay?

Of all the youth hostels catering for the different tastes and moods of budget travellers visiting Malta on a shoestring, or solo travellers looking to meet people easily during a stay on these beautiful islands, there needs to be a match between what a youth hostel has to offer and what you want, and we don’t mean just free Wi-Fi.

What sets Hostel Jones aside from the rest?

Hostel Jones has so many fine qualities that it is hard to decide which should come first, so we’ll just put them here in any order and let you decide what counts for you.

In few words, you will love Hostel Jones if you:

Think different

Think different - Youth Hostel Malta - Hostel Jones

If you think outside the box, if you like different and to be different, if you enjoy being the fullest expression of yourself as an individual, this may be the right place for you. Hostel Jones was conceived because we recognised a new breed of free human beings, which we call the Joneses. Like attracts like, and you’re welcome to the family.

Love art

Art at Youth Hostel Malta - Hostel Jones Sliema Malta

If you are creative and enjoy creativity, if you love art, Hostel Jones will wow you. It is a truly unique youth hostel Malta, earning a mention in an article for the top 10 awesome design hostels in Europe and also in a national newspaper due to its artistic flair. The hostel is decorated almost purely from recycled materials and covered from top to bottom in original art works.

Balance “me time” and “we time”

Youth Hostel Malta - Hostel Jones Sliema Malta

If you like to socialise and be in the heart of it all, and also enjoy a family-like atmosphere at home and the option to relish peace and quiet in your own time, Hostel Jones meets your needs. It is located in the heart of Sliema, Malta, a stone’s throw from the sea, shops, restaurants and night life, yet you feel right at home within the refuge of the traditional Maltese townhouse.

Like it real

Youth Hostel Malta - Hostel Jones Sliema Malta

Forget feeling like a tourist or a guest at this youth hostel. The atmosphere is unparalleled: we promotes community life at the hostel, with group meals, plenty of common areas and a genuinely friendly vibe.

Believe in cheap and best

In terms of value for money for a youth hostel in Malta, Hostel Jones is great. You get a lot by paying little because we promise you no hidden fees. You have free Wi-Fi, TV, gaming, safety deposit, lockers, luggage storage facilities and more, all included in the price. Furthermore, you have cheap and easy access to the public bus network, and all our help and local advice is free.